What is this website about?

As covered by this article on bleepingcomputer, data of 533 million facebook users was leaked.

The article says The stolen data first surfaced on a hacking community in June 2020 when a member began selling the Facebook data to other members

When fbleaks.com went live, haveibeenpwned only allowed search by email addresses.

We felt, search by email addresses only is inadequate since email addresses were present in only a tiny part of the dataset.

To give you some perspective, only 26,803 out of 61,62,449 Indian entries had email addresses in them. (Less than 1%)

That is why we built this safe and secure portal for Indian citizens to check if their data is part of this massive data leak.

What happens if your phone number was a part of this massive data leak?

Take a note of the data fields which were leaked.

They include First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Relationship Status, Workplace etc. However, for privacy reasons, fbleaks.com does not reveal the actual data and only reveals which data fields were present in the leaked data.

The leaked fields may be different for different users.

These data points can now be used in phishing, scamming and other social engineering attempts against you.

You must now be highly vigilant !

What happens if your number was not a part of the leak?

Go back to what you were doing.

For good karma, you can tell 5 friends and family members to conduct this basic check.

It is clearly in their interest and it is 100% free.

You can also help us spread this tool by posting it on social media.

Do we store the queried mobile number?

No. We are a security research firm, not a data aggregator, reseller.

This is a 100% free service for the benefit of Indian citizens.

How is your mobile number handled?

We take your mobile number as input, use it to lookup the database and inform you whether that specific number was in the breach or not.

The response only contains true, false values for the presence of data points.

Where is the data hosted?

The data is proudly and safely hosted in Bangalore, India.

Anything else you should know?

Additionally we have used Google analytics and hCaptcha for analytics and protection from bots. You can refer to their respective privacy policies.